PEEISS Annual Meeting, 21 – 25 November 2016, Vienna, Austria

The annual meeting of PEEISS project took place in Vienna, Austria, in the premises of IFTE. A summary of the the initial objectives, planned activities, identified targets and expected results has been done and the future steps have been planned. The project partners covered all mobilities planned for the second part of the project as well as the expected project outcomes.


While in Vienna, the project partners had a chance to participate in the Entrepreneurship Summit organized by IFTE. The summit provided a complete day with various programmes for the PEEISS project meeting participants. In some points they were involved, as expert speakers. The detailed schedule of the summit can be seen in the following link.



Link for the event:

Partners had the opportunity to choose individually, which sections they would like to join. During the PEEISS project meeting yesterday Johannes Lindner gave some impressions about the topics and works, also made suggestion, which programmes could be interesting, and available language wise. The Entrepreneurship Summit mainly offered sections in German or in mixed language (German and English). However, considering the international visitors, there are always in every time block English tracks. They were equally suitable for the delegates of the consortia.


At the end of the official programme of the Entrepreneurial Summit, certifications of participation have been handed for each partner.



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