New year, new project year for PEEISS

Vienna – new perspectives (

2016 has been ended in Austria for professionals linked to the PEEISS consortia, and 2017 brings us back to Vienna again, two times.

Last time IFTE welcomed visitors in the frame of the 14th Entrepreneurship Summit in Vienna, but soon Austrian colleagues will introduce themselves in a practical sense: as trainers and educators.

Training in Vienna

Trainings in Vienna

IFTE connected to YouthStart Entrepreneurial Challenges, will present its entrepreneurial teaching and learning approach in education. In spring a teacher team and group of students from the PEEISS partner institutions will participate in a training event to share and exchange experiences.


Although winter freezes around still and the year has just begun, the eager staff of the host organisation in Vienna prepares busily the programme.

Till we can share more details of the topics and line up, we invite everyone to check out the thematic channel of YouthStart programme. Click and think:




What is Entrepreneurship?




It is a perfect warm up in wintertime.

See you soon!

Getting inspired!

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